May 13, 2021

HP Printer Setup website offers effective tech-based solutions associated with the printer for effective results. HP printers provide best printing solutions with better computer compatibility. All the knowledge at 123.hp.comwebsite helps in setting-up HP printer, even a non-tech person. may be a technical solution centre that assists the purchasers in solving their HP printer problems. Our expertise ensures that an equivalent issue doesn't affect your printer repeatedly. printers are purchased and utilized in every office, counting on their usability and functionality. There are different HP printers from which you select an appropriate printer supported efficiency and speed. HP printers offer print, scan, fax and replica functions to beat one device.

Steps to Setup HP Printer at

  1. Unbox the HP printer by removing all the packing, including cover and tape.
  2. Handle all the parts of the printer carefully so as to avoid damage to any a part of the printer.
  3. Check all the accessories and gadgets that come alongside the HP printer.
  4. Link printer with an influence cord to determine an influence connection and switch on the printer.
  5. Connect the printer with a computer or laptop using coaxial cable.
  6. Take a bunch of papers without wrinkles or any curl and place those papers into the printer's paper tray after coitus interruptus the inner tray.
  7. Insert black and coloured ink within the respective slots of ink cartridges.
  8. Click on printer’s instrument panel and attend settings to line time, date, and printer language.
  9. Open the document that must be print.

HP Printer Setup for Windows

  1. Connect the printer and therefore the windows via the USB Cable.
  2. Navigate to the settings from the beginning option on the windows.
  3. Tap on the devices and choose the printers or scanners option.
  4. Then click on the add a printer or scanner option.
  5. Wait until your printer’s name is visible on the windows.
  6. Then after getting your printer’s name tap on the name.
  7. The method to feature the printer to the windows.

HP Printer Setup for MAC

  1. Tap on the Apple icon on the top of the screen.
  2. Then choose the system preference option.
  3. Click the printers and scanners option.
  4. Add the printer to the printer by tapping on the +icon on the MAC device.
  5. Then you would like to enter the IP Address of the printer.
  6. Then tap on the add option found on the down corner to feature the printer to the MAC device.
  7. Now we follow the given process of HP Printer setup for Windows and Mac via

How to Make the HP Driver Download for Windows via 123 hp com?

  1. Insert the CD to the windows, that came alongside the printer package.
  2. Download and locate the driving force from the CD.
  3. Confirm that you download and install the driving force which is that the latest version.
  4. Then process the steps for the driving force installation.
  5. Open the HP smart app on the windows.
  6. If you do not have the app, then download and install the app.
  7. Load and open the app.
  8. Add the printer via the HP Smart app to the windows.
  9. Once you add the printer, then start to process the driving force installation steps.
  10. Open the driving force and begin to run the driving force file.
  11. Then accept the terms and conditions to put in the driving force.
  12. After the driving force installation, print the alignment page and begin to put it on the printer.

How to Make the HP Driver Download for the MAC via 123 hp com?

  1. Open the browser on the MAC device.
  2. Then surf to the site and sort the model number of your printer.
  3. Get the compatible driver from the location
  4. Download and store the driving force in the separate folder.
  5. Now open the HP Smart App.
  6. If you do not have the smart app, then install the app on the MAC device.
  7. After completing the installation process, open the app and begin to feature the printer on the device.
  8. Once these steps are over choosing the driving force from the storage.
  9. Open and run the driving force.
  10. Process the steps for the driving force installation.
  11. Don’t forget to accept the terms and conditions to put in the driving force.
  12. Now follow the given steps to put in the HP Driver Download for Windows and Mac.

How to print with Windows via

  1. Activate the printer and therefore, the windows.
  2. Make the primary time on the printer.
  3. Then insert the essential photo paper into the tray.
  4. Once these steps are over, open the image, you would like to print via the window photo viewer.
  5. If you do not have the app, then download and install the app.
  6. As you insert the paper, adjust the rules to suit the paper.
  7. Press the control+p, and you'll see visible the print screen will appear.
  8. Then make the acceptable settings on the image.
  9. You'll make the border, alignment, the orientation of the image and adjust the print settings.
  10. After completing the settings, you would like to click on the print option.
  11. Then enjoy your printing experience with the HP printers.

How to Scan with windows via

  1. Activate the HP Printer.
  2. Connect an equivalent wireless network to the printer also because of the windows.
  3. Install the HP Scan App on the windows.
  4. Open the app and add the printer to the windows.
  5. Then set the scan preference.
  6. Choose either to save lots of because of the PDF or the e-mail as JPEG.
  7. Then select the show viewer after the scan.
  8. If your printer contains both the document feeder and the scanner glass, then choose the flatbed under source option.
  9. Then make the changes or edit the document.
  10. Place the document in the printer.
  11. In HP Scan app, choose the scan option.
  12. Select the pages, and once the scanning is over, then tap the save option.

How to Print with the MAC device through

To print on from the MAC device is straightforward. Follow below steps carefully:

  1. Activate the printer and therefore, the MAC device.

2.Complete the essential on the printer.

3.Insert the photo sheet into the input tray.

4.Load the photo sheet the maximum amount you would like to print.

5.Also, get the knowledge about the printer's input tray capacity and press the command +P option.

6. Then complete the settings on the image you would like to print.

  1. Change the colour, phototype, etc. that depends on your wish.
  2. Once you complete the settings, proceed to print and Tap on the print option.

How to Scan with the MAC device through

  1. Add the printer to the MAC device.
  2. Tap on the apple icon and choose the system preference option.
  3. Then select the printers and therefore, the scanners option.
  4. Choose the scanner from the left side.
  5. Now, load the papers to the scanner’s document feeder.
  6. Choose the utilization document feeder option.
  7. Then complete the scan settings.
  8. After completing the scan settings, tap the scan option.
  9. Once you get the scan document store on the device.

How to Resolve the HP Printer Troubleshooting?

HP Printer Goes Offline

This issue may occur if the printer features a network issue. So, make sure there's a mistake on the network connection. If yes, then process the steps to rectify the network issue. Download and install the HP print and scan doctor app to see where the matter persists. You'll also make the test print bent check where the difficulty is and fix the difficulty.

HP Printer Driver Unavailable

If you receive this error message, then your driver won't be compatible with the printer. Alternatively, the driving force might face some issue. Confirm that the driving force which you put in is compatible together with your printer. Check whether you've got downloaded the driving force from the 123.hp.comsite. Always like better to download the driving force from the registered site.

Network Connectivity Issue

If you can't connect the network, make sure you're processing the steps to the correct router's name. Also, make sure there's no issue with the supply of the network. Confirm that you enter the correct password to attach to the network. If you're using the USB cable the online, make sure the cable is appropriately attached to the pc.

HP Printing Issues

If you do not get the standard printing, it's best to prefer the HP ink cartridges to enhance the standard. To urge obviate the printing issues, make sure the network configuration is done correctly. Additionally, make sure there's a coffee quantity of the ink level. If yes then replace the cartridge.

Ways to Download and Install HP Print and Scan Doctor

Before you begin downloading HP Print and Scan Doctor confirm your printer is ON, the connection between your printer and computer is well-established. Therefore the stack of plain white papers is loaded within the main tray. Now, once your side confirms these, let’s undergo the rules mentioned underneath to urge such a diagnosing tool downloaded and installed correctly in your Windows:

  1. First and foremost, visit the official site of print and scan doctor tool.
  2. Then, click on "Download Now” button shown on the proper side of the webpage.
  3. After that, tap "Yes” if prompted then the downloading process will begin automatically.
  4. Once the tool is downloaded completely on your Windows desktop, you would like to offer a double-click on the downloaded file, and if asked click Run.
  5. When the screen turns dark, tap "Yes”.
  6. Now the downloaded software will start installing, click "Accept” and follow the on-screen instructions to put in it successfully.

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